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Creating Stunning Video and Photos to share a Clear Message



Visually stunning media that shares your message

Whether video for brand communication, photos for website content and promotional pieces, or aerials for a different view, we learn your business message and direct it to the people you want to reach, where they are.


Head shot of David and Sherry owners and operators of BUK2 Media

Clear, visual communication is paramount to your success


The 2 in BUK Squared Media = BUK²Media

After over a decade of working in business, being married and living life together, we have become masters of communication. 

Pair that with our lifetime love and adventure of visual storytelling we excel at understanding, then sharing the message of your business to reach more of the world around you. 

The quicker your client is able to understand what you do and how they win by buying from you, the more you will sell.

Case Study

LivWell Collective

LivWell transforms your living space into one that fits the lifestyle you want. So when people think of ‘kitchen renovation’ their mind is stuck only in the existing kitchen space. The challenge was to communicate that a solution may exist beyond the current walls. To have LivWell come in and show you how you can transform your lifestyle with a home redesign centred around your kitchen. To change your current home into your dream home.

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Case Study

Tap-Ins Putting

The message is that Tap Ins isn’t mini golf as you know it. It doesn’t have windmills and bumper walls, it’s meant to be experienced in nature where you can connect with your friends and family. It’s a place to take you away from distractions and enjoy each other. It’s an escape, not an assault on the senses. So we created a serene, nature focused video that breaks the paradigms of what people think when the word mini-golf comes up. 

Case Study

Key Financial

When speaking to Vancouver business owners they would create a vision in their minds that this company was a small, basement run accounting firm. We were tasked to create a video that broke that thought and showed the true size of the company and the benefits of working with a company that has personal service in the business world. 

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What’s the Investment?

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