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4 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

How do I use video to further my business? 

  • People spend 88% more time on a website with video
  • They retain a message 95% of the time compared to 10% with text
  • And they are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. 

The quicker you can get a video with the right message in front of your client the better. Here are 4 ways you can use video in your marketing and brand awareness.

#1 - Website Feature Video

When a new visitor visits your website they will form an opinion of you in moments. Make sure you give them the right picture of you and your company. A video as the first thing they see can have a great effect framing the mindset of your customer, building the feeling of your website and your company and setting the tone for what’s to come. 

This is the big picture, the overview, the emphasis you wish to portray. You need to convey the one truth that says “this is how you’ll feel after you’ve experienced what we have to offer”.  Whether an incredible dish coming out of a kitchen or a stunning aerial shot of your property taken during perfect lighting, this is your chance to WOW your viewer and show them in a very quick way, “this is how you win with us”.

#2 - New Product or Service Launch

Launching a new product or service is often first targeted towards existing clients. Sending out an email to an existing mailing list is a common approach and being able to explain your new concept in seconds with clients watching a video is the best way for them to retain the new information and make a decision on it. 

A video containing a passionate excitement about this new introduction can be quick, to the point and incredibly effective at generating new sales. 

#3 - Instagram/Social Media Content

Getting active on social media is easy… staying active is a challenge. Especially with media rich Instagram. Producing the right content that looks great and has a consistent feel is somewhere we can really help. Using short video clips on Instagram is an excellent thing to regularly mix into your shared content. 

If you are consistently creating sharable media during the day to day operation of your business that is awesome, and we can help with a monthly subscription to our photo/video enhancement service where we take your content and boost the look your media and make it a consistent feel. We then fill a folder with your content ready to share through your social media channels. 

If you’d like some help with what content to create and share, subscribe to our ongoing content creation package where we come in to your business throughout the year and create new and fresh content that is ready to be shared year round.

For a great solution check out our Subscription Services to provide continual media for your business. 

#4 - New Client Education

One of my favourite ways to use video is as a tool to send to a new prospective client. 

When someone inquires with you for the first time, what do you send them in reply? How much more personally connecting can it be with a well written and well crafted video introducing them to yourself or your company. You can highlight what is important to you, what benefits they should expect and how much you care about what you do. This will start building a connection with people who interact with you and start to create life-long ambassadors to your brand. 

Understanding is huge! For a potential client to understand the benefits quickly will help them to make a decision quickly. 

This is a video we did for a real-estate company to help them communicate the benefits of listing with them. 

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