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Tap Ins Putting Course

This is used as a landing page video on their website to immerse clients into the serenity that is a trip to Tap Ins Putting Course. It isn’t mini-golf as you know it, it’s an escape, putting in nature, on real greens.

LivWell Short

Social Media Ad

A shortened version of the full video finishing under 1 minute so it can be used as a social media advertisement on Facebook as well as on Instagram where ad time limits are one minute.

LivWell Website

This video is used on the company’s website to frame the thought as to what they do. It is also sent out to new inquiries to help explain what LivWell’s focus is in the market.

Century 21

Real Estate Listing Video

This brokerage wanted a fun look at their service highlighting what makes it beneficial to list a home with them. The video is bold, exciting and is just what they wanted.

KEY Financial Group

A video message to frame the correct opinion about the size and service capabilities of KEY Financial Group. This is used on their home page as well as being sent out by email to new inquiries to their business.