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Visually Communicating your message

It is not enough for us to just produce pictures or videos that look pretty, we believe that when your bottom line is on the line those pictures and videos need to convey the RIGHT message. Which is why we work with you to understand your message, your focus and the direction you want to grow. This allows us to tailor the content for just the right purpose. A phone or video chat conversation 

is necessary to help us understand where you are and where you want to be. All of our media packages whether a one time media package or an ongoing subscription to content creation are meant to serve a specific purpose, achieve a direct goal or shape a distinct idea. Below we list out the steps to our process to achieve the best results from our services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come up with the idea?
No you don't. We know you are passionate about your business and we are passionate about providing the tools for you to communicate. We consult with you regarding the content and though you may have the "big idea" we work through the details.
Do I have to be in the video?
No you don't. Depending on the application it could be video only, text only or it can include people. We like to include people who are passionate about the work to connect personally with viewers and if that's the direction we decide to go we will walk you through the process so it's as easy as having a conversation with a friend.
What is your recommended Video Length?
The shorter the better. Our attention spans are short, and a well communicated message should take less time, not more. We aim to communicate the right message in as little time as possible. If the video is to be used for online ads we recommend less than one minute so it can be used on all platforms.
How can I do this for my business?
Many of our clients come to us knowing they would like to be better understood but not knowing how to make it happen. Schedule a consult with us and we can talk through your company's communication and how we can improve it.
Do you offer ongoing content creation?
Yes we do. We offer a number of monthly packages for ongoing content creation and generation to have continual images and short videos for social media posting. Some of our packages include quarterly image and video updates to include any new staff, products and offerings.
Why not just use stock photos for social media?
Stock photos certainly have their purpose, but not in differentiating your brand from the competition. People want to connect with you, your products and your services. There is a uniqueness and personality to what you offer and we believe that should be shown off to the world around you.